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About Us

My name is Eric Welsh.

I'm a lifelong fan of the BC Lions and the Canadian Football League, and this website is my way of sharing that passion.

To me, there's nothing like holding a card in your hand. Whether you're a kid waiting to get your 2015 Upper Deck issue autographed by your favourite player, or an older fan reminiscing as you flip through a mid-1990s Jogo set, these pieces of cardboard connect you to the great Canadian game.

My first CFL memory is watching the 1983 Grey Cup game at home with my dad, with the Lions losing 18-17 to Condredge Holloway and the Toronto Argonauts.

They won in 1985, and all these years later I can still see Lui Passaglia getting a first down on a fake punt and Ned Armour having the game of his life replacing an injured and unavailable Swervin' Mervyn Fernandez.

My first CFL set was the dime a dozen (literally!) 1991 All-World issue featuring Rahib Ismail.

I still have it and I still love flipping through it.

The arrival of 'The Rocket,' Notre Dame Fighting Irish star, Heisman Trophy winner and National Football League draft pick, was huge news that year. I remember going to a nearly sold-out BC Place Stadium to watch the Lions beat Ismail's Argos 52-41 in a double-overtime thriller that may be the best football game I've ever seen.

If not that, then the 1994 Grey Cup game against the Baltimore Stallions.

A Danny McManus to Darren Flutie last-second pass got the Lions into the championship game, which was an absolute classic.

Facing the mighty Stallions, who didn't have that pesky Canadian ratio to worry about, the Leos were severe underdogs, even though they were playing at home. With an entire country behind them, they went toe-to-toe with the Americans and won on a Passaglia field goal that sailed through the uprights right in front of my endzone seat.

We all have a connection to the game.

A memory. A player. A moment in time.

Cards keep those connections alive.

You'll find thousands of them in my store, and if you ever find yourself wanting to chat about the CFL, send me an email at, find me on Twitter (CFLfootballcards) or Facebook.